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SSUGA -South Side Urban Growers Association

The South Side Urban Growers Association (SSUGA)  was formed in 2006 through a merging of the South Side Food Accessibility and Food Security Committee with the South Side Urban Gardeners Association. The name and mission was later revised and expanded to become today’s South Side Urban Growers Association.

The South Side Urban Growers Association (SSUGA)  is a collaboration of small growers, community members and groups,  located on Chicago’s South and Far South sides.  

This interactive group provides opportunity for barter and exchange of seeds, information, labor, technical assistance and equipment. SSUGA has the ability to supplement and supply fresh fruit and vegetables to the family table.

SSUGA is reaching out to those interested in growing their own foods whether in backyards, community garden plots, farms, or porch containers.

Home owners, apartment dwellers, community farmers and gardeners, non-profit organizations, community gardeners, church groups are welcome.

At SSUGA, seniors with farming knowledge, youth with none, meet in the middle to contribute their strengths.

We advocate sustainable agricultural policies, support organic growing practices, and promote vibrant urban-rural connections through our food system.

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Does your church or non-profit sponsor a community garden or lot?

Through networking and communicating, SSUGA member groups have the ability to expand and reach numerous underserved communities and each contributing organization's success will have a widespread effect.



Exchange of knowledge, assistance with large projects, companionship and mutual interests. The overall goal of SSUGA is to bring together various organizations with common and overlapping goals.

Are you an individual with containers on the porch, plots in the back yard, looking for a way to increase your skills and yield? Are you seeking a place to grow? Are you concerned about the food your family eats?

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